The Carbon Literate Communities Project provides fully funded Carbon Literacy Training for community groups, charities and social enterprises throughout the Liverpool City Region.
Energy Projects Plus, Faiths4Change and Zero Carbon Liverpool are offering a series of courses to certify 400 community members Carbon Literate through September 2021.
Fully funded training is available for anyone who is a member of a community group, faith group, charity or social enterprise and lives within the Liverpool City Region.
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Carbon Literacy Course – full day sessions- Face to Face – WALLASEY (EPP3007F2F)

30 July 10:00 am 5:00 pm

Carbon Literate Communities Course – IN PERSON – 30th July 10:00 am- 5:00pm

This Carbon Literate Communities course is made up of one full-day session:

Session 1: Friday, 30th July 10:00 am- 5:00pm

Learners must attend the session in full to qualify for a carbon literacy certificate.

To sign up for this course email or click here: Carbon Literacy Course EPP3007F2F

Course Code: EPP3007F2F
Date: 30 July
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Duration: full-day sessions
Location: FACE TO FACE, Sandon Building, Falkland Road, Wallasey, CH44 8ER
Carbon Literacy Communities Course 30th July 10:00 am- 5:00pm

Course Funding:

Fully- funded training is only available to members of community groups, faith groups, charity groups, social enterprises and SME’s who live within the Liverpool City Region (LCR). If the learner meets the criteria (member of a LCR recognised group AND resides in the LCR) Carbon Literacy certified training, including certificate from The Carbon Literacy Project, will be at no cost to them. Funding is provided by The Liverpool City Region Environment Fund. Course funding is at the discretion of Carbon Literate Communities delivery partners. If you have a question about your eligibility for a fully funded please email



Energy Projects Plus
0800 043 0151
View Organizer Website

About the course:
What is Carbon Literacy Training?
Carbon Literacy is an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities. The course aims to give learners the ability and motivation to reduce harmful carbon emissions, on an individual and community basis.
The course is designed to be fun and interactive. The presentations and activities are created to offer a rich mixture of learning styles and techniques to promote inclusivity and offer the most effective learning among its attendees.
By completing a day’s (min 8 hours) worth of Carbon Literacy training learners will be certified as ‘Carbon Literate’ by the Carbon Literacy Project.
The main objective of the course is to encourage individuals to TAKE ACTION. By taking the learners on an emotional journey and giving quality knowledge on the science of Climate Change, the group will then make individual pledges to create change for themselves and within their community.
What to expect from a Carbon Literacy Training Day:
During your minimum of 8 hours of training you will;
The science of Climate Change. The understanding of what is happening to our planet due to the excess greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. What causes these gasses? What will happen to the planet if we keep living the destructive lifestyles mankind has been living over the past 200 years?
Taking Action
Learners are empowered to devise realistic and relevant actions to reduce their carbon footprint.
Learners will be asked to commit to personal AND group actions. Actions must be meaningful and significant to the individual creating them.
The course offers a mix of visual, aural, verbal, physical and logical learning throughout.
After attending a course, Carbon Literate citizens will: Understand how climate change will affect the Earth, their community, and have acquired the knowledge and skills to lower their individual carbon footprint.
At the end of the course the trainer will submit ‘evidence’ to The Carbon Literacy Project on behalf of each learner. The forms completed as part of the course will confirm the learner has; completed the required training, is in fact ‘Carbon Literate’ and has committed to taking significant action. If the evidence is approved, the learner will be certified Carbon Literate and receive a certificate.
If you have questions about the project, course or can't find a course that suits your community group please contact or call 0800 043 0151

Learner Feedback:


“As someone who was already passionate and active on climate change, I was surprised by just how much of an impact this course has had on me. The course explained the big picture of how greenhouse gases impact the climate and issues with things like offsetting but has also left me with knowledge (and an action list) of high-impact changes that we can make. Before the course I was worrying about packaging but now I know that its carbon impact is minimal compared to the meat, cheese or air-freighted veg that it's actually wrapping. I left the course feeling energised to act – because understanding which actions are high-impact makes it much easier to make a real difference. ” -Liz A.


“Carbon Literacy is exactly the course I was looking for. I was already aware of my own carbon footprint, and I was keen to take action in light of the ‘Climate Emergency’, but I still had absolutely no idea where to start! I enjoyed spending the day learning more about the local picture, and discussing the topic with the rest of the group (who were pretty much in the same boat as me). Once lockdown is over, I’m planting a giant sequoia to reduce my carbon footprint by 25%. I highly recommend the course for anybody interested in the fight against climate change.” -Dominic G.


“I enjoyed the training very much even though it was online due to COVID restrictions.  In fact, I would suggest that this is the best way to deliver training about Carbon Literacy.  There was lots of opportunity to explore the issues during the course and it felt like we had a good group dynamic where everyone was willing to contribute.  Our facilitator, Melanie, was excellent at delivering the course in a fun and interactive way.

Having now done the course I see how important the training is and that it should be something which is made available (and to some extent compulsory) to everyone, especially those with influence in society and the work place.

I would encourage anyone with the opportunity to take this course to make the time.  It really does give you knowledge and understanding which could be life changing both for the individual and for those in their sphere of influence.” -Phil L.

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